Wendy (wendybeth) wrote,

Zoey Lynn

Zoey was so funny last night. She loves her rawhide bones. She has about a dozen of them in a basket and she can go and grab one anytime she wants. She was happily chewing away on one and Dave gives one to Scout, my sister's dog. Zoey goes crazy and starts barking. She didn’t want Scout to have one. Dave got another bone and pretended to take it away from Scout so Zoey would think that he didn’t have one anymore. It worked for a second, but then she heard Scout chewing so she started whining and barking all over again. It didn’t matter that Zoey had like 5 bones and Scout only had one. She didn’t want Scout to have ANY! Eventually Scout got smart and went into the bathroom and chewed on his bone where Zoey couldn't see or hear.

Poor Scout. Zoey is so mean to him. But Zoey made us all laugh with her selfishness. hehehehe
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